Bayushi's Labyrinth

Bayushi's Labyrinth

Bayushi's Labyrinth enclosed the circumference of the Kyuden Bayushi's palace.

Appearance Edit

It was designed in part by Kaiu, who modified the labyrinth so only the Bayushi knew its secrets. It had pathways that actually moved and walls designed to confuse and disorient. The maze, during peaceful times, had been used as a sort of tourist attraction, to test the mettle and cunning of those who would seek to visit the palace. The guards did know how to circumvent the maze for those who would rather just travel to the castle without a test. In times of combat, the guards could activate the deadly traps inside the Labyrinth with a switch. Deadfalls with spikes, explosive magical wards and crushing walls were but a few of the deadly weapons in the maze. [1]

Deep chasm Edit

In 1122 a group of Yogo attempted to map out a deep chasm located in the Labyrinth. They found an ancient staircase carved into the rock at the edge of the pit, which led to a room filled with scrolls, weapons, items of jade and gold, and a tall metal case laid, guarded by the skeletons of three men, but only one wore a fractured mask. Yogo Junzo was entrusted by the Scorpion Clan Champion Bayushi Shoju to oversee the excavations. Shoju remained home from the Emperor's winter court in order to assess the items. [2]

Prophecies of Uikku found Edit

The Prophecies of Uikku were found there, leading in the Scorpion Coup. [3]

Shosuro's Mirror found Edit

The Yogo had also found another treasury, the Shosuro's Mirror. Instead to reveal its discovery to his Lord, Junzo saw fit to bring to his ally Bayushi Kachiko, Shoju's wife. [4]

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