Seven Seas Port

Seven Seas Port

The Bay of Thunder was the name for the harbour of Broken Wave City. Construction began in the Month of the Horse, immediately following the aftermath of the Battle of the Broken Wave in 1167. [1] These extensive series of docks were also known as Seven Seas Port. [2]

Shrine to Suitengu Edit

A Shrine to Suitengu, the fortune of the sea, was situated on a point overlooking the entrance to the Bay of Thunder. It would often be crowded with sailors praying for a protection from the fortune before putting out to sea. It was also the location of a ritual unique to Broken Wave City; the purification of sea water into fresh drinking water by Moshi Shugenja would result in leftover salt, which would be brought here and poured back into the sea once a week. The elaborate ceremony was done as a thanks to the fortune for the water which had been taken from his realm. [3]

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Bay of Thunder

Bay of Thunder


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