Battle on the Plains of Gaiju Shindai
Location: Plains of Gaiju Shindai
Date: 1123
Major Forces: Lion Clan,
Crane Clan
Generals: Unknown
Battles of Rokugan

The Battle on the Plains of Gaiju Shindai and the Battle of the Forgotten Tide were a consequence of the rivalry between the Lion and Crane Clans. It was recorded as one of the bloodiest battles at the time, with the loss of nearly five hundred men on either sides. [1]

Shoju's manipulation Edit

Bayushi Shoju was preparing the Scorpion Coup, so he had decided to further encourage the tensions between the Lion the Crane. He had sent Bayushi Sozui on this mission, and she organized many troubles between the two clans. [2]

Battle Edit

In 1123 [3] the traitor Kitsu Goden made the battles worse by unleashing the Legacy of the Forge, the vengeful spirits of Toshigoku, onto the battlefields. Fortunately the pair were stopped by a small band of samurai who exposed them for who they were. [4] Nearly five hundred men on either sides were lost, so it was recorded as one of the bloodiest battles in recent history. [5]

Aftermath Edit

Several events which ocurred between the Lion and the Crane nearly resulted in both clans losing their invitations to that year's Winter court at Kyuden Seppun. [1] The tension of these years erupted with in the Lion-Crane War in 1124. [4]


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