Battle of the Tortoise
Location: Castle of the Tortoise
Date: Late 4th century
Major Forces: Crab Clan, Shadowlands
Generals: Crab Clan Champion
Battles of Rokugan

The Battle of the Tortoise was the siege which allowed the Crab to retake the fallen Castle of the Tortoise.

Preambles Edit

The Castle of the Tortoise was one of the strongest Crab castles in the border area with the Shadowlands, in an era which predated the Kaiu Wall. In the late 4th century, two Taint-corrupted Kaiu Engineers deactivated the castle's defenses and opened its gates, allowing a force of less than one hundred Lost to capture the castle in a single night. [1]

Battle Edit

The Crab Clan Champion himself commanded a siege of the fallen castle. After two months of preparations, began the so-called Battle of the Tortoise, which lasted three weeks before it was taken the Crab. [1]

Aftermath Edit

The building was so tainted that the Crab razed it to the ground. Those engineers who survived the battle were granted the title of Kaiu Siege Masters. [1]


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