Battle of the Sun Princess
Location: Unknown
Date: 4th century
Major Forces: Dragon Clan, Phoenix Clan
Generals: Unknown
Battles of Rokugan

The Battle of the Sun Princess was a clash between the forces of the Phoenix Clan and Dragon Clan. In the battle, the forces of the Phoenix ambushed the Dragon as they made their way through a narrow mountain pass. As the Dragon marched through the pass, the Phoenix remained hidden above them in the morning fog that still clung to the higher slopes of the mountains. When the Phoenix finally attacked, the Dragon were surrounded and completely unaware of the army rushing in to crush them.

Surviving Accounts Edit

The only known record of this battle came from the journals of Isawa Ryote. Ryote was then only a young shugenja following his sensei into battle, but he mentioned the experience in his memoirs later in life, comparing it to teaching his students as the Master of Earth.


  • Way of the Phoenix, p. 43.

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