Battle of the Second Seal
Location: Temple of the Second Seal near Cold Wind City
Date: 1200
Major Forces: Spider Clan,
Crane Clan
Generals: Chuda Tairao,
Daidoji Akeha,
Asako Miyabi
Battles of Rokugan

The Battle of the Second Seal continued the rise of Jigoku over Ningen-do.

Preambles Edit

The Sacred Seals, hidden from mankind's knowledge for more than one thousand years, maintained the barrier between Ningen-do and Jigoku. The wall between the worlds might fall altogether if they were destroyed. [1] The knowledge about the location of the second of three ancient seals was found in the ruins of the former Imperial City, Otosan Uchi. Chuda Teraiko passed this knowledge to her Clan, while a Tattooed Monk passed it to the Crane Clan. [2]

Battle Edit

The Crane defenders have almost a legion and a reasonably sized detachment of both Lion and Scorpion, altogether with the Master of Water Asako Miyabi, and what remained of Tsunami Legion. Spider's ships moved the assailants, while a wave of massive beasts rose from the sea, holding the Phoenix shugenja at bay. The Spider forces cleared the way to Chuda Tairao, who used the severed arm of Isawa Norimichi to raise the buried Temple of the Second Seal, destroying it. [2] The Rokugani had failed to protect the second seal because they would not work together. [3]

Known Contenders Edit

Known Casualties Edit


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