Battle of the Rolling Waves
Location: Unknown
Date: Unknown
Major Forces: Mantis Clan,
Crab Clan
Generals: Nakano
Battles of Rokugan

The story of the Battle of the Rolling Waves begins several years before the battle itself when a Mantis Clansman named Nakano was betrayed by a group of Yasuki Merchants for breaking off trade negotiations with them. Nakano roamed the seas as a ronin for several years, until he confronted the Yasuki. In the ensuing battle, all of the Yasuki who had betrayed him and his crew were killed.

Prologue Edit

A bushi of the Mantis Clan named Nakano was placed in charge of trade arrangements between his clan and the Yasuki traders of the Crab Clan. The transactions involved dealing with illegal artifacts from the Ivory Kingdoms. Nakano was an honorable man and he felt distaste for disobeying the edict that the Emperor put forth regulating the trade of such items.

Nakano arrived at the trade site and refused to do business when the Yasuki demanded a higher price than originally agreed. Returning to his ship, he found it occupied by magistrates. He admitted guilt to everything to keep the dishonor from reaching his lord. He was stripped of his name and clan but found a way to escape with his crew before execution.

The Battle Edit

Nakano returned years later in a suprise assault against the Yasuki traders who had betrayed him. The Yasuki were caught completely by suprise and were unable to fight back. Though outnumbered, Nakano's forces were victorious and sank all the Yasuki ships except their leader's vessel. The one man who was spared was the merchant who had betrayed Nakano.

Nakano strapped the merchant to the mast of his ship and sent it sailing straight into the maw of the Great Sea Spider. Nakano now roved across the sea, saving ships from pirates and is secretly considered a hero of the Mantis. He died peacefully in his sleep in his secret hideout in the Mantis Islands.

Major References Edit

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  • Way of the Thief, p. 45

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