Battle of the River of the Unexpected Hero
Location: River of the Unexpected Hero
Date: 930
Major Forces: Unicorn Clan,
Generals: Unknown
Battles of Rokugan

The Battle of the River of the Unexpected Hero was the victory of the Unicorn Clan against an army of Shadowlands creatures that had moved north to despoil Chrysanthemum Petal Lake. [1]

Hero Edit

A young peasant who intended to watch the Chrysanthemum Festival spotted several goblins. The young man eventually found an Ide patrol who believed him. The warning prevented a group of bakemono and trolls from reinforcing the ogres who had attacked the lake. [1] The Unicorn were battling Shadowlands and the courage of the farmer proved to be the crucial factor in the battle, turning the tide. [2] The farmer even struck down the leader of the creatures, giving the Unicorn enough momentum to rout the enemy. [3]

Aftermath Edit

The river where the battle was fought was named after the peasant as the River of the Unexpected Hero. [4]


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