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Battle of the River of Gold

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Battle of the River of Gold
River of Gold
1173, month of the Dragon [1]
Major Forces:
Imperial Legions,
Akodo Raemon
Battles of Rokugan

The Battle of the River of Gold was fought in the Destroyer War when a force of Kali-Ma's Destroyers attacked the Empire there in 1173.

First encounter Edit

Akodo Raemon's forces engaged along the riverbank of the River of Gold a Destroyer dettachment, who seemed to be disoriented by their maneuvers, and were being routed and erradicated. [2] With the advantage of superior positioning, superior knowledge of the terrain, and the advantage of surprise, the Imperial Legions punished the Destroyers. [3]

Battle Edit

The battle persisted for weeks, and two Imperial Legions had joined the Fourth, alongside with another Lion army, and the coalition of Dragon and Phoenix forces. [4]

Empire victory Edit

The Empire's forces repelled the Destroyers from the River of Gold. [5] It was the first outright victory against the gaijin demons since their invasion began. [1]


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