Battle of the Humble Turtle
Location: Kenson Gakka
Date: 1120
Major Forces: Lion Clan,
Scorpion Clan
Generals: Matsu Kioma,
Bayushi Kaseru
Battles of Rokugan

The Battle of the Humble Turtle was devised by Bayushi Sozui, a Scorpion infiltrator, to retake Kenson Gakka. [1]

Preambles Edit

Six centuries ago Kenson Gakka was seized by the Lion Clan. Since that time the Scorpion have devised a plan to retake the castle on the day the Lion celebrate the castles original capture, the Festival of the Humble Turtle. [2]

Infiltration Edit

Even before the castle was taken, the Scorpion had already placed operatives to be used at the proper time. Hidden tunnels were dug beneath the castle, leading to the monastery of Yaruki Jukko. Shosuro Actors were infiltrated regularly among the monks. [3]

Framing the Lion Edit

In 1120 the commanding officer Akodo Ikare was replaced by an actor, and his infant son abducted. [4] The actor marshalled his forces to seek the boy, which eventually was found and returned by a group of samurai. The actor marched to the temple and accused the monks, who were then slaughtered in front of witnesses, in the hopes to exploit the affair to recapture the city from the Lion. [5]

Battle Edit

Shortly after the bloodshed, the Scorpion forces, led by Bayushi Kaseru, arrived at Kenson Gakka, presented the events at the temple, and laying claim to the castle. [6] The castle's lord, Matsu Kioma, refused, and the fight began. [7] The Scorpion siege was a failure, the castle remaining in Lion's hands. [8]

Mastermind Edit

The plan was devised by Bayushi Sozui, who was a brilliant assassin of the Scorpion, [9] and secretly a servant of the Lying Darkness, who had consumed her before the plan was made. [10]

Aftermath Edit

Kenson Gakka remained a Lion strognhold, but the slaughtering of the monks by a corrupt Lion general tarnished the clan's honor and raised the tensions with the Crane. [11] It would lead in open war years later, the Lion-Crane War.

Known Deaths Edit


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