Battle of the Great Climb
Location: Togashi Mountain
Date: 711
Major Forces:
Lion Clan,
Dragon Clan,
Dragonfly Clan
Akodo Yokutsu,
Togashi Ayoko,
Mirumoto Asijin
Battles of Rokugan

The Battle of the Great Climb or the Siege of the Great Climb occurred in 711 after Akodo Yokutsu used an insult he received from an Agasha ambassador in court as a pretext a Lion assault on the Dragon lands. [1] In actual fact he still sought vengeance over his true love marrying a Dragon. Leading five legions of Lions against the Dragon, he carefully avoided the lands of the Dragonfly Clan, [2] honoring his vow to never to harass Mirumoto Asijin or Isawa Maroko's lands again. [1]

Battle Edit

Yokutsu led his army to Shiro Agasha, and the Mirumoto blocked his path, and a battle ensued. Yokutsu had trained his men to fight Dragon tactics, however, and the Mirumoto were forced to retreat to the safety of the palace. The Lion army held the Agasha castle in siege for five days. [3]

Asijin's Death Edit

Yokutsu demanded of the Dragon to be allowed to redeem his honor by dueling Mirumoto Asijin, who had married Yokutsu's betrothed seven years before. The Dragon Clan Champion Togashi Ayoko arranged the duel. [1] Asijin and Yokutsu met on the very steps of Kyuden Agasha, and the Lion easily slew Asijin, who never even drew his sword. [2] Asijin however had made a deal with Ayoko; the Dragonfly were under the Dragon Clan's protection. [1]

Yokutsu's Death Edit

The arrogant Yokutsu declared himself the Dragonfly Clan Champion and his intention to marry the newly widowed Isawa Maroko. The son of Asijin and Maroko, Tonbo Kuyuden, challenged Yokutsu to a duel and killed him, reclaiming the title of Dragonfly Champion. From then on the Dragonfly were the official emissaries of the Dragon Clan. [1] [2]

Aftermath Edit

The Lion could not directly attack the Dragonfly, because of the Imperial Edict forbidding war between Minor Clans and Great Clans, but they vowed to never forget. [3]

Sources Conflict
The sources relating to this article are in conflict with each other.
Way of the Dragon Page 27 says Yokutsu was insulted by a Kitsuki diplomat, but Third Edition Page 14 says Agasha. It is assumed the newer source is correct, as the Kitsuki family was not founded until more than one hundred years after this incident.


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