Battle of the First Seal 
Battle of the First Seal
Location: Temple of the First Seal in the Shinomen Mori
Date: 1200
Major Forces: Spider Clan,
Generals: Daigotsu Yuhmi,
Kuni Renyu,
Isawa Emori
Battles of Rokugan

The Battle of the First Seal marked the beginning of the rise of Jigoku over Ningen-do.

Preambles Edit

The Sacred Seals, hidden from mankind's knowledge for more than one thousand years, maintained the barrier between Ningen-do and Jigoku. The wall between the worlds might fall altogether if they were destroyed. [1] The first of three ancient seals, crafted by the will of the Lady Sun, had been found. Deep within the Shinomen Mori, the vast army of the Spider Clan descended upon its unprepared and outnumbered defenders. [2]

Battle Edit

Battle of the First Seal 2

Battle of the First Seal

Tetsuo, who had swore to destroy the Spider Clan because they had betrayed the very ideals they claimed to venerate, met the Kuni Daimyo Kuni Renyu, [3] telling him that the First Seal was hidden in the Shinomen Mori. [4] A combined army of Crab, Mantis and Phoenix rallied to the Temple of the First Seal, while a Spider army moved to claim the seal. [5] Renyu summoned a massive wall to buy time, [6] but the enemy crumbled to dust the sacred incantations. [7] The Spider's army outnumbered the temple's defenders more than fifty to one. When Isawa Norimichi fell, their defeat was inevitable. [8] Daigotsu Yuhmi had severed the Master of Earth's hand, then his entire arm. [9] Renyu was defeated by Daigotsu Endo. [10] The renegade monk Tetsuo confronted Yuhmi in order to gain time for the Rokugani to escape. [11]

Aftermath Edit

The Rokugani had failed to protect the first seal because they underestimated their enemies. [12] The fall of the First Seal caused a surge of massive beasts from the Sea of Shadows. The Mantis were placed on the defensive. [13] Word of the battle began to reach the clans, bringing even the most heated conflicts to a halt. [14]

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