Battle of the Fallen Tower
Location: Tower of Fear
Date: 1170
Major Forces: Jade Legion,
Generals: Kuni Daigo
Battles of Rokugan

The Battle of the Fallen Tower marked the cleanse and destruction of the former Fifth Tower of the Kaiu Wall, the Tower of Fear.

Destruction Edit

In 1170 the Jade Champion Kuni Daigo laid a massive siege to the Tower of Fear with the Jade Legion. He got support of all shugenja families, representatives of the Elemental Legions, and the aid of the Asako with jade supplies. The foundations were torn apart, and the Tower of Fear collapsed inwards. [1]

Cleansing Edit

Daigo took a piece of incorruptible jade of the Yakamo's Last Gift and used it to permenantly purify the Tower. [1] Daigo had used the piece once was the Jade Hand to cleanse the previously unredeemable ground. This piece must remain forever in the earth outside the Kaiu Wall, or the Tower would begin to regrow where it once stood. [2]

Report Edit

Moshi Minami, a Jade Legionnaire, made a complet report to be accounted in the Imperial Histories by Soshi Tishi. [1]


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