Battle of the Burning Palace
Location: Shiro Shiba
Date: 1171
Major Forces: Phoenix Clan, Shogun's forces,
Army of Fire
Generals: Shiba Tsukimi,
Shiba Danjuro
Battles of Rokugan

The Battle of the Burning Palace was the name Shiba Danjuro gave to the defense of Shiro Shiba from the Army of Fire. [1]

Preambles Edit

During the War of Dark Fire the Army of Fire, minions of the Dark Oracle of Fire, assaulted North Rokugan. Shiro Shiba’s strange, winding structure was designed to turn back any attackers and served as the ultimate defense against any who would invade the Isawa lands to the North. It was designed withstand any assault from the south. With the Yobanjin attacking from the north, Shiro Shiba would surely fall. [1]

Siege Edit

The Shiba Yojimbos had been gathered from their charges to defend their ancestral homes, and the Phoenix Clan Champion Shiba Tsukimi led the Shiba Army. The Shogunate was represented by Shiba Danjuro, leading the Imperial Legions. Wyrms larger and more terrible than those seen in many of the initial skirmishes appeared, and hit the North wall. Then the burning archers, the exploding suicide troops, the group of magically-concealed assassins that scattered two of the major Command Groups. [1]

Magical portent Edit

Isawa Kyoko, a priestess, was saved by her suitor Isawa Takesi from a yobanjin assassin, to see him died under the explosion provoked by the raider Dark Oracle's Blessing. In that moment she understood how the magic of the Dark Covenant of Fire worked. Her enlightenment was but a glimpse. Kyoko sacrificed whatever love remained in her heart, and the kami answered her call. The soldiers of the Army of Fire stumbled and fell back. Over a third of the enemy forces found themselves pacified, their supernatural strength and fire abilities denied to them. The Shiba cut them down. [1]

Defeat of the Raiders Edit

Reinforcements from Kyuden Kumiko were transported by the Mantis Clan, who landed in the beach. Crab forces led by Hiruma Todori and Shinjo cavalry commanded by Shinjo Hwarang attacked the raiders, who fled routed. [2]

Aftermath Edit

The battle was alson known as the Battle of Shiro Shiba, and Kyoko was regarded as a hero among the Phoenix. [3]

Known casualties Edit


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