Battle of the Bloody Retreat
Location: Beiden Pass
Date: 750
Major Forces: Scorpion Clan, Bloodspeakers
Generals: Unknown, Iuchiban
Battles of Rokugan

The Battle of the Bloody Retreat was one of the most famous battles in the history of the Scorpion army.

The Second Rising of Iuchiban Edit

When Iuchiban arose from his Tomb in the year 750, his undead army joined him at the northernmost of the Twilight Mountains. They passed through the Shinomen Forest losing nearly a third of their forces, crossed the Plain of Thunder and were soon in sight of the gamblers in Ryoko Owari. After the citizens abandoned the City of Lies, the undead army razed it and marched southwards to Beiden Pass. [1]

Defense of Beiden Pass Edit

The Scorpion sent runners to the Lion, but they couldn't get troops to the pass until after the undead would be well into the Osari Plains. In order to give the Lion time to mobilize, the Scorpion sent their armies to defend Beiden Pass. They fought for nearly 5 days, grudgingly and slowly giving up ground each day, foot by bloody foot, waiting for the Lion reinforcements. [1]

When the last broken legions of the Scorpion withdrew through the northern end of the pass, they were greeted by the cheers of thousands of Lions who charged into the undead and hammered them northwards to the Way of Righteous Vengeance Road where Iuchiban's hordes were defeated in a final battle at the Sleeping River. [1]


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