Battle of Twilight Mountains 
Ruined Earth
Location: Twilight Mountains
Date: 1133
Major Forces: Unicorn Clan, Dark Moto
Generals: Moto Gaheris, Otaku Kamoko. Moto Tsume
Battles of Rokugan

Battle of Twilight Mountains was the last stand of the Dark Moto in the Moto War.

Prelude Edit

In 1133 the Unicorn Clan Champion Moto Gaheris led the Moto, Shinjo, Iuchi and Ide against the Dark Moto, deep in the Twilight Mountains, beneath the Akui Cliffs. [1] Otaku Kamoko willingly allowed herself to be tainted so that she could lead the Dark Moto to their destruction. [2]

Battle Edit

Three times Shinjo blew her strange horn, and three times the echo shook the world. The spectral steeds over the mountains, their strides covering vallys in a single leap. The Moto of the Sands had come, as they had promised, and now the Ki-Rin were whole. [3] They followed Gaheris through the fire and the sky, riding on the wings given by the sound of their Kami's horn. The Moto would never see the Sands again. [4] Below them, ten thousand undead Moto charged and an army of Ki-Rin cavalry sounded a battle cry. Then the earth collapsed beneath them, and the mountain fell. [5]

Aftermath Edit

The Dark Moto were crushed utterly by Gaheris, bringing back the Moto family into the Clan. [2] [6]


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