Battle of Three Stone River
Location: Three Stone River
Date: 5th century
Major Forces: Lion Clan,
Phoenix Clan
Generals: Matsu Radeki,
Battles of Rokugan

The Battle of Three Stone River happened in the 5th century [1] during the days of first strife between the Phoenix and the Lion. Of over 1000 Lion bushi, less than 100 survived [2] against an army of 45 shugenja. [3]

Background Edit

The taisa Matsu Radeki had camped his Daibutai within the lands of the Phoenix, near the Three Stone River, when tensions between the clans arose. [2]

Battle Edit

During the night the Phoenix shugenja attacked the Lion camp from the other side of the river, killing any ite Radeki sent to discover the concealed wizards. A chui, Akodo Gensei, rallied his men and talked about surrender, but it was only a trick. Several shugenja had only partially concealed when they were struck down by the arrows Gensei commanded to fire. The Phoenix retaliated and Gensei's blade was taken by chui Daini Tenero who led a brash charge. The majority of the Lion were killed when they tried to climb the cliff-wall, from where the shugenja stood. [2]

Aftermath Edit

After the massacre, the Emperor demanded that the Lion begin training shugenja as troops of war. [4] The war ended with a treaty at Mamoru Kyotei Toshi, which would knwon as Honored Treaty City. [1]

Remembered Edit

The defeat was remembered in the fourth day of Month of the Horse, when a procession was formed at Honored Treaty City and led to the site of the original battle. [5]

Known casualties Edit

Sources Conflict
The sources relating to this article are in conflict with each other.
"Winter Court: Kyuden Kakita" page 88 placed the battle in the year 335.


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