Battle of Three Man Alliance Plain
Three Man Alliance Plain
Major Forces:
Bayushi Tomaru
Battles of Rokugan

The Battle of Three Man Alliance Plain was the victory of the joint efforts of the Wasp, Fox and Sparrow clans against the Scorpion army. This battle took place on the borders of the four clans, and was at the time an unprecedented display of power and independence among the minor clans. [1]

Tomaru Edit

In 1121, following a series of minor squabbles in court, the Scorpion dispatched the tactician, Bayushi Tomaru to deal with the Sparrow Clan. [2] The Scorpion army invaded the Suzume Hills, seeking an easy route to the Daidoji coast. The weak Sparrow forces met the Scorpion, prepared to fight to the bitter end. [3]

Battle Edit

As the Scorpions charged they were assailed by arrows from the sky, and the earth bucked and swayed, upending their cavalry and leaving easy targets for the Suzume samurai. The Sparrow were surprised to find their ranks bolstered by a small army of Wasp archers and Fox shugenja. Tomaru was caught off guard when his army was opposed by the combined forces of three Minor Clans. The Scorpion advances had been caught by a Wasp magistrate who quickly informed Tsuruchi, the Wasp Clan Champion, which mobilized a elite troop, alongside the Fox shugenja. Forced to retreat, [3] Tomaru was later publicly rebuked by the Scorpion Clan Champion Bayushi Shoju. [2]

Aftermath Edit

Tsuruchi had realized that if the Sparrow fell, the Wasp and Fox would be Scorpion's next targets, so he sent troops to join the Sparrow. He proposed an alliance among their three clans, who Ryosei of the Fox, and Suzume Kashira agreed as well. [3] It would prevent the Crane or Scorpion from attacking each other through the lands and routes in the territory of the three clans. This alliance became known as the Three Man Alliance, and the site of the battle became known as Mitsu Otoko Rengo Heigen, the Three Man Alliance Plain. [2]


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