Battle of Sokustel Forest
Sokustel Forest,
near Kyuden Doji
Date: month of the Ox, 1128
Major Forces:
Yoritomo's Alliance,
Battles of Rokugan

The Battle of Sokustel Forest was an ambush by Yoritomo's Alliance against Yogo Junzo's reinforcements prior to the assault on Otosan Uchi on the Second Day of Thunder.

Preparations of the Ambush Edit

The Fox army commanded by Ryosei watched the advance of a Shadowlands column bearing to the Imperial City. The archers of the Wasp were hidden to the west and south of Otosan Uchi, while Kamoto's forces lay to the north and Genzo's to the south.

Battle Edit

When Yogo Junzo's reinforcements of zombies and skeletons entered the Sokustel Woods, the Wasp fired their arrows. When they were rushed, the archers retreated and Genzo made a flanking attack. Genzo retreated as well, and Kamoto's forces flanked on the opposite side, until all Alliance forces withdrew.

Aftermath Edit

The Shadowlands suffered heavy losses, and were prevented from heavily supporting the approaching battle at Otosan Uchi. The Alliance's forces were withdrawn to march north to the Imperial City, to where Yoritomo demanded the Clans acknowledge the Mantis as a Great Clan.


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