Battle of Snow and Fire
Dragon lands
1159, Month of the Hare [1]
Major Forces:
Dragon Clan,
Phoenix Clan,
Dark Oracle of Fire
Tamori Shaitung,
Mirumoto Rosanjin,
Council of Five,
Battles of Rokugan

The Battle of Snow and Fire occurred at the height of the Dragon-Phoenix War.

The Battle Was Set Edit

The Elemental Masters joined the Phoenix armies against the Dragon. Tamori Shaitung supported the Dragon army led by Mirumoto Rosanjin.[2]

Facing the Masters Edit

Shaitung faced the Council of Five and helf off the Masters alone. In a last, desperate act, the Tamori Daimyo opened up the earth beneath them, swallowing up the six shugenjas in the crevice. [3]

Dark Oracle of Fire Awakened Edit

Under the earth they encountered Shaitung's father, Tamori. The Dark Oracle of Fire revealed that he had caused the volcanic eruptions that sparked the Dragon-Phoenix War. The ensuing battle killed Isawa Riake, and only Shaitung and Isawa Nakamuro escaped the tunnels intact. The remaining three masters were sealed in a stone prison by the Oracle. [4]

Notable Deaths Edit


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