Battle of Snow Plain
Snow Plain
Major Forces:
Lion Clan,
Unicorn Clan,
Lion Clan
Matsu Sakura,
Shinjo Kamu
Battles of Rokugan

The Battle of Snow Plain was a strife erupted between the Lion and the Unicorn over possession of Snow Plain.

Preambles Edit

In the early spring of 820 a blight struck many crops and the Lion suffered a poor harvest season. The Lion Clan Champion decided that the Matsu Sakura should seize some fields on the Snow Plain from the fledgling Unicorn Clan. [1]

Battle Edit

On the far side of the bog-like fields of Snow Plain a small contingent of the Shinjo footmen led by Shinjo Kamu lined up in narrow columns on the firmer ground between the rice paddies. Sakura was goaded by Sakura into a charge, which faltered as they splashed into the rice paddies. As a Unicom soldier tired, he would fall back and retire in favor of a fresher man behind. Unaccustomed to fighting outside of formation, the Lion troops lost the advantage of numbers. Late in the afternoon, General Matsu Sakura ceded the field to the Unicom and withdrew her forces in defeat. [1]


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