Battle of Shiro Shinjo
Location: Shiro Shinjo
Date: 1171
Major Forces: Unicorn Clan,
Army of Fire
Generals: Shinjo Genki,
Shinjo Dun
Battles of Rokugan

The Battle of Shiro Shinjo was a victory of the Empire in the War of Dark Fire, but at a cost of the city surrounding the castle.

Preambles Edit

In 1171, the Army of Fire penetrated deep into Unicorn territory and laid siege to Shiro Shinjo. Shinjo Genki was in command of the castle, but tasked the recently arrived Shinjo Dun with coordinating the outer defenses. The Unicorn forces defending the castle were not sufficient for its defense, but luckily Dun had arrived with a Lion honor guard 500 men strong. [1]

Battle Edit

With their help, Dun was able to successfully defend the castle, although the surrounding city was almost completely destroyed by the fighting. The raiders turned circling around the city and pressing farther into Unicorn territory. [2]

Known casualties Edit


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