Battle of Shiro Mirumoto
Shiro Mirumoto
Major Forces:
Dragon Clan,
Army of Fire
Mirumoto Kei
Battles of Rokugan

The Battle of Shiro Mirumoto marked a turning point in the War of Dark Fire. The castle was the main target the minions of the Dark Oracle of Fire Chosai sought, but its brave defence denied the reward.

Preambles Edit

The Army of Fire had used a tactic to hide his true target. They sent a wide range of patrols in order to sow discord and disguise true troop movement. In oe area was not reported any yobanjin attack, the one which led to Shiro Mirumoto. [1]

Battle Edit

Siege Edit

The Dragon forces directly under the command of the Dragon Clan Champion Mirumoto Kei were inside the castle to have a brief rest, when sighting of the raiders were noticed. Kei ordered to bar the gates and defend the castle. Thousands of barbarians began the siege. [1]

Assaulted Edit

A wyrm rider directed his beast toward the wall, and it exploded with the foul magic of the Dark Oracle, making a breach in the city walls. The yobanjin hurried toward it and the Dragon confronted them, and the barbarians could not penetrate the walls. [1]

Forcing an opening Edit

Kei knew the defenders and the castle would not stand enough time to wait until Lion forces en route arrived. Togashi Matsuo, Togashi Hogai, and Hitomi Vedau made a near suicidal attack to create a opening that was exploited by Kei to led a countercharge to push the Yobanjin back outside the castle walls. [1] The three monks had separated into a three pronged attack designed for maximum disruption of the enemy formation. [2]

Reinforcements Edit

When reinforcements led by Akodo Shigetoshi arrived a few days later, they found that although Shiro Mirumoto had taken tremendous damage, Kei's countercharge had successfully won the day and driven off the invaders. Less than two hundred defenders survived. [3]

Aftermath Edit

This victory was short lived, as instead of retreating, the invaders went around Shiro Mirumoto and assaulted Shiro Tamori instead. [3]


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