Battle of Shinsei's Last Hope 
Hachi swore fealty to Kuon
Location: Shinsei's Last Hope
Date: 1160
Major Forces: Imperial Legions,
Generals: Yasuki Hachi,
Hida Benjiro,
Battles of Rokugan

The Battle of Shinsei's Last Hope was the siege of the Shadowlands to gain control of Shinsei's Last Hope, which loss would break the spirit of the Empire.

The Shadowlands march against the City Edit

Daigotsu oredered the undead General Tsukuro to take Shinsei's Last Hope. The conquest of Last Hope would increase faith and worship to Fu Leng, becoming stronger in the Assault to the Celestial Heavens. [1] During a patrol in the Shadowlands the Crab saw an army of undead, goblin and Lost arriving to the city. [2]

Requesting reinforcements Edit

Hida Benjiro came to Kyuden Hida to request ungertly reinforcements to defend the besieged city, but the crab could not weakened the defences in Kaiu Kabe. The Emerald Champion Yasuki Hachi marched with the Emerald Legions he had there. They lost one quarter of the troops before they could be inside the city. [1]

Assault Edit

Tsukuro sent waves of expendable goblins to test the city defences, including the flying Ashura which made a breach in the wall. Benjiro crushed Tsukuro's skull sending him to Jigoku again. The shadowlands army was defeated with the timely arrival of phoenix shugenja led by Isawa Nodotai and the remmants were later destroyed when Hida Kuon arrived with the Crab army. [3]

Aftermath Edit

The defence had been made during a Twenty Goblin Winter. Hachi gave the Crab champion twenty goblin heads and in return he asked for fealty. Hachi became a Crab member, ending the Second Yasuki War. [3]


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