Battle of Raging Seas

Battle of Raging Seas

The Battle of Raging Seas was the naval portion of the Battle of White Stag in 442. Gaijin were commanded to depart from Otosan Uchi upon pain of death, but they did not take the news well and attacked the city in reply. During the battle, Hantei Yugozohime was slain and the Great Clans banded together to slaughter the gaijin. The shattered remnants of the gaijin fleet fled. Hantei Muhaki assumed the throne and bestowed minor clan status upon Agasha Kasuga and his followers, forming the Tortoise Clan. This was a strange decision as Agasha Kasuga's followers helped the gaijin fleet flee to safety. [1]

Crane Fleet Edit

The Crane Clan Champion at the time, Doji Kakumei, [2] called upon his merchant fleet to help save the imperial city. The Asahina shugenja caused a fog to spring up across the bay making vision near impossible, and the small nimble Crane ships began harrying the slower gaijin galleons. [3]


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