Battle of Quiet Winds 
Battle of Quiet Winds
Location: Beiden Pass
Date: 1150
Major Forces: Empire,
Hantei XVI's Spirit Army
Generals: Toturi I,
Hida Tsuneo
Battles of Rokugan

The Battle of Quiet Winds was a defeat of the Empire forces, to lure the Spirit Army into the Beiden Pass, where they would be destroyed.

Battle Edit

Toturi marched the bulk of his army south through Beiden Pass to join a large waiting Scorpion force. In a day which was still and sultry the Empire and the Spirit Army clashed. However, at a crucial moment the Scorpion appeared to change sides and joined the spirits. Toturi's army withdrew, while a sacrificial Lion rearguard prevented a total rout. [1]

Aftermath Edit

Toturi's army retreated northward through the Pass. At the urging of Bayushi Baku, Hantei XVI ordered Hida Tsuneo to send his forces in pursuit. They entered in the trap devised by the Scorpion. When most of the spirit army was in the Pass, Phoenix shugenja collapsed it, burying and destroying the spirit army. It marked the end of the War of Spirits. [1] It was the first time in the 12th century that the Ancestral Standard of the Scorpion was seen in the battlefield. [2]

Secrecy Edit

Toturi had not been warned in beforehand of the plan. Only after the spirit army was in motion did a Scorpion shinobi delivered a message to Toturi revealing the truth and urging him to use the Phoenix to destroy the Pass. [3]

Known Casualties Edit


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