Battle of Phoenix's Flight
Location: Shiro Shiba
Date: Month of the Serpent of 1128
Major Forces: Phoenix Clan,
Unicorn Clan,
Yogo Junzo's Army
Generals: Shiba Ujimitsu,
Otaku Kamoko,
Iuchi Karasu
Battles of Rokugan

The Battle of Phoenix's Flight was the sack of Shiro Shiba by Yogo Junzo's Army during their march north toward Kyuden Isawa.

Preamble Edit

Yogo Junzo's quest for the Black Scrolls led his army toward Phoenix lands, [1] where four of the scrolls were kept by the Elemental Masters in the Isawa Palace. [2]

Battle Edit

In spring of 1128 a superior Shadowlands army advanced to Shiro Shiba. The Phoenix Clan Champion Shiba Ujimitsu dispatched messengers to Kyuden Isawa, the true target of the foul force. Despite the efforts of the supporting Unicorn force led by Iuchi Karasu and Otaku Kamoko, the stronghold was sacked, but not destroyed, and Phoenix losses were light. Yogo Junzo's Army continued his march north. [1]


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