Battle of One Tribe
Location: City of Dreams
Date: 1166
Major Forces: One Tribe,
Stained Paw Tribe,
Generals: Kan'ok'ticheck,
Tsuno Nintai,
Battles of Rokugan

Battle of One Tribe marked the fall of the Tsuno presence in Rokugan.

Tsuno masquerade exposed Edit

In 1166 several nezumi leaders of the One Tribe saw in dreams Chitachtr-foo, the city that truly stood in the Realm of Dream. The Tsuno using their own mastery of the realm of dream forged copy of it, the City of Dreams, the Stained Paw city. They also learned how the Tsuno were created, a twisted version of renegade Kitsu who were marooned in the Realm of Slaughter. [1] They guessed that the Tsuno forged a creature out of nightmares, piecing together the shattered dreams of the Stained Paw tribe and infusing them into one of their own kind, creating the illusion that was the Tomorrow Chieftain, Ikm'atch-tek. [2]

Battle Edit

The One Tribe led by Kan'ok'ticheck attacked the city and took the upperhand. The Tsuno leader, Tsuno Nintai, moved the city to the Realm of Slaughter and the One Tribe nezumi begin to fight between them, twisted by the ominous realm. The city had become a Tsuno trap. The Rememberer Ik'krt attacked Nintai, and Nameseeker Te'tik'kir joined the fight. Nintai easily defeated the Rememberer and killed Te'tik'kir, who gave his life to give Nintai back his soul, restoring him as a Kitsu. Nintai, penitent, sought to atone for his crimes by sealing the rest of his cohorts in the Realm of Dream forever. While the nezumi left the city, Nintai waited his former brethren to come, and dragged the city deep into Dream, where even the Tsuno could not escape. [1]

Death of Tomorrow Chieftain Edit

Ikm'atch-tek appeared and attacked Ik'krt and Kan'ok'ticheck. Shadow Runners ghosts surrounded the Tomorrow chieftain, giving time to Kan'ok'ticheck who struck the head from Ikm'atch-tek's shoulders. [1]

Aftermath Edit

The Tsuno left Ningen-do and were trapped in I'thich, the Stained Paw joined the One Tribe, and it was revealed the last Kitsu. [1]

Known Deaths Edit


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