Battle of Nikesake
Location: Nikesake
Date: 1191, month of the Ox
Major Forces: Phoenix Clan,
Scorpion Clan,
Crab Clan,
Lion Clan
Generals: Shiba Mitsushen
Battles of Rokugan

The Battle of Nikesake was the victory of the Phoenix forces against a superior numbers of the Scorpion Clan during the War of the Twins. [1]

Preambles Edit

In 1191 the Scorpion had seized Nikesake against an unprepared enemy. For many months the war had been a phony war, as no battles had been happened. The Phoenix was expecting to launch a major offensive after the winter, but the Scorpion planned to fight in Phoenix territory instead. They expected to make the city a strong point for further advances with the aid of their Crab and Lion allies. [1]

Battle Edit

The Shiba Army camped in the north had lost their Shireikan to illness, and command was given to taisa Shiba Mitsushen. A more senior taisa had ceded command to him after he recognized the strengths of Mitsushen's plan over their own. The Phoenix attacked and gained victory before the Scorpion hade hardened the city's defenses sufficiently. [1]

Aftermath Edit

Mitsushen was considered a genius on the battlefield leading a plan where a smaller force could attack and drive out a larger, entrenched force without resorting to excessive collateral damage. He was elevated to the position of Chief Shireikan within the Phoenix army based exclusively on the brilliance of this engagement. [1]


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