Battle of Ki-Rin's Shrine 
Battle of Ki-Rin's Shrine
Location: Ki-Rin's Shrine
Date: 1158, Month of the Rat
Major Forces: Dragon Clan,
Phoenix Clan,
Brotherhood of Shinsei,
Scorpion Clan
Generals: Mirumoto Junnosuke
Battles of Rokugan

Battle of Ki-Rin's Shrine was held to control the field around the Ki-Rin's Shrine. Dragon was looking lands for their fleeing refugees.

Starting Maneouvres Edit

Both armies were camped, and few skirmishes happened between them. Twice an hour, concealed Phoenix shugenja cast magical flares which detonated above the Dragon camp with a blinding explosion and a deafening report. [1]

Tamori's Flame Edit

Tamori's Flame

Tamori's Flame

Junnosuke started the main hostilities using a special catapult, the Tamori's Flame. Tamori Tsukiro was the shugenja guiding the projectiles against the enemy. Their fire made a slaughter in the Phoenix shugenja. Junnosuke promoted Tsukiro as his second. [1]

Battle Edit

Junnosuke attacked the entrenched Phoenix camp at dawn, but at noon he decided to retreat in order, due to heavy casualties. The Phoenix commander challenged Junnosuke, with his forces rosing up from the trenches. Junnosuke run to him and he was able to kill the enemy leader, waiting the incoming death from the remaining Phoenix troops.

Disguised Scorpion attacked the Phoenix from rear. The Dragon army rushed past Junnosuke, and monks, formerly Dragon, casted fiery magic. The Phoenix army was routed. [1]

Aftermath Edit

Ki-Rin's Shrine

Ki-Rin's Shrine

After the victory, Junnosuke received two messages. The first from Dragon Clan Champion, Mirumoto Uso, recalling him to deal with the Lion presence on Dragon southern border. The second from Hantei Naseru, [1] who congratulated Junnosuke for his victory. The Scorpion warriors had arrived in time due to the machinations of Hantei Naseru. [2]

Memory Edit

The battle was recorded as a gruesome battle where the infamous and later disgraced general Mirumoto Junnosuke had gained his much-deserved reputation for brutality. [3]

Deaths Edit


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