Battle of Kenson Gakka
Location: Kenson Gakka
Date: 533
Major Forces: Lion Clan,
Dragon Clan,
Scorpion Clan
Generals: Akodo Kento,
Mirumoto Dehoda,
Bayushi Takida
Battles of Rokugan

The Battle of Kenson Gakka was also known as the Battle of Humility's Lesson, [1] or the Battle of the Humble Turtle. [2]

Preambles Edit

The Scorpion Clan was facing a great danger, to be merged with the Crane Clan in one Great Clan. This agenda was pursued by the monk and Imperial Advisor Gorinno, who had created the religious movement known as Five Rings, Five Clans. In 533 the Scorpion Clan Champion Bayushi Tsuya attempted to undermine Gorinno's massive political influence by crushing the Lion Clan, the monk's main supporters. His army was defeated after a short siege, and retreated to the castle the Scorpion called The Lion's Shadow. [3]

Battle Edit

The notorious Scorpion general Bayushi Takida was commander of The Lion's Shadow at the time. [4] After the failed Scorpion attack on Kyuden Ikoma, the Lion Clan Champion Akodo Kento led the entire Matsu Second Army [3] and counterattacked by attacking the nearest Scorpion city, The Lion's Shadow. The Matsu slaughtered every man, woman, and child within the city and then claimed it for the Lion Clan. The victors renamed the city to Kenson Gakka, meaning "Humility's Lesson". [5] [6] Bayushi Tsuya committed seppuku shortly thereafter. [3]

The Scorpion Revenge Edit

A lone Scorpion survived the massacre. Shosuro Butei escaped and returned to his clan's lands while the Lion rebuilt the city. He was eager to get revenge and was embittered to learn that the Scorpion were going to wait for several hundred years before using the tunnels beneath the city to for their vendetta. The Shosuro left behind his name and clan to become a ronin. Using his Scorpion trained ablilites he became the single most wanted assassin in Lion Clan history. He killed four dozen prominent officials, most of whom had been present at the Battle of Kenson Gakka. He was later caught and executed, ironically for a crime he had not commited. [7]

Dragon Involvement Edit

As with the Battle of Cherry Blossom Snow Lake neither the Lion nor Scorpion expected any support from the Dragon Clan. This time however the Dragon sided with the Lion, led by general Mirumoto Dehoda. It is worth noting that Dehoda suddenly and inexplicably died two weeks afterwards. [1]

Festival Edit

The victory in the Battle of Kenson Gakka was celebrated annually by the Lion in the Festival of the Humble Turtle. [8]

Known Casualties Edit


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