Battle of Ice and Snow
Location: Kyuden Suru Kokai
Date: 1113
Major Forces: Mantis Clan,
Crane Clan
Generals: Yoritomo,
Doji Hoturi
Battles of Rokugan

Battle of Ice and Snow was instigated by Shosuro Kachiko to raise her station to Hantei XXXVIII and the status of the Mantis Minor Clan in the Empire. [1]

Kachiko's plan Edit

During winter court at Kyuden Seppun in 1113 Kachiko approached the Mantis courtier Yoritomo Hogosha with a proposal. The Mantis had to seize Kyuden Suru Kokai, and after herself would be sent as Emperor's emissary to end the conflict, the Mantis had to withdraw. Kachiko would gain a political victory, while the Mantis acceptance of the Emperor's wishes would elevate the position of the Minor Clan in the Imperial Court. In addition the Shosuro family would arrange a trade agreement with the Mantis. [1]

Seizing the village Edit

Yoritomo seized the Doji fortress, and Kachiko arrived to follow up the plan. When the Phoenix were selected by the Shosuro as their trade partners, the Mantis general in anger imprisoned the Imperial emissary, and demanded a ransom of ten thousand koku. [2]

Mantis withdrawal Edit

Doji Hoturi with Daidoji troops led a brilliant counterattack, and despite having to fight in winter - reclaimed the fortress. Yoritomo managed to withdraw to safety. [3]


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