Battle of Firefly River 
Battle of Firefly River
Location: Firefly River
Date: 1136
Major Forces: Lion Clan,
Unicorn Clan
Generals: Akodo Ginawa,
Moto Gaheris
Battles of Rokugan

At the Battle of Firefly River, the returned Akodo smashed a Moto and Iuchi offensive into the Ikoma provinces. Akodo Ginawa's victory here was unexpected, and it served as resounding proof of his success in training his reborn family. [1] They were able to defeat the Unicorn under Moto Gaheris by isolating part of the Unicorn army in a place where it could not maneuver, and pounding at it until it broke. [2]

Preambles Edit

In 1136, Khan Moto Gaheris decided to strike at the Lion, seeking both to expand his territories and to test the strength of one of the Unicorn's natural rivals. As Toturi I had only recently reinstated the Akodo family, Gaheris assumed that the strength of the Lion was at a low ebb. [3]

Negotiations Edit

The Ikoms opened negotiations with the Unicorn, feigning weakness. They bought time when they persuaded Gaheris the Lion might cede lands to him without a fight if only he would wait for a formal reply to his demands. Akodo Ginawa used that time to mobilize an army and headed for the Firefly River. [3]

Battle Edit

Gaheris crossed the Firefly just upriver from the City of the Rich Frog in an offensive posture. Their scouts could not cross the river but in few numbers, and the Akodo army's sudden descent caught the Khan by surprise. Ginawa was outnumbered, but his enemy was divided and unable to use their fearsome advantage in mobility. A first wave of Matsu Berserkers and the Deathseekers smashed the the Unicorn bridgehead, and when the initial attack hfld lost much of its impetus, a second wave was sent forward. A Unicorn flanking attack with Light Cavalry was held off. Gaheris ordered a withdrawal. [3]

Aftermath Edit

The Lion restored the lost pride and honor of the Akodo. [3]


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