Please note: This article is about the fight at Ryoko Owari during the War of Spirits. For other uses of the term, please see Battle of Drowned Honor (disambiguation).
Battle of Drowned Honor 
Battle of Drowned Honor
Location: Ryoko Owari
Date: 1150
Major Forces:
Crab Clan,
Scorpion Clan,
Hantei XVI's Spirit Army
Hida Yasamura,
Hida Tsuneo
Battles of Rokugan

The Battle of Drowned Honor was fought between the Crab Clan, with support from the Scorpion Clan, and the forces of Hantei XVI near the end of the War of Spirits [1] in 1150. [2] The battle marked the first time that the Crab fought against Hida Tsuneo, former Crab Clan Champion and leader of the Spirit army. [3]

Initial Stages Edit

The fighting lasted over a week and cost many lives. Bayushi Paneki reported the Crab Clan Champion's husband, Hida Yasamura, the Scorpion could not stand against the Hida Tsuneo's armies. Hida O-Ushi, who had been supporting Hantei XVI since the beginning of the war, decided to send Yasamura leading the Crab cavalry to fight her own kinsmen. [3]

Spirit Defeat Edit

The battle ended when Hida Yasamura retreated from the city and charged from the north, forcing the spirit armies into fumes from burning opium warehouses. [3] Yasamura took a fatal arrow to the throat at the beginning of his charge and died upright in his saddle. Though the Crab and Scorpion won the day, Hida O-Ushi viewed it as a loss because of the death of her husband. [4]

Participants Edit

Battle of Drowned Honor 2

Battle of Drowned Honor

The following is a list of notable participants in the battle:

Casualties Edit

The following is a list of notable casualties in the battle:

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