Battle of Dannoura
Location: Dannoura
Date: Early 5th century
Major Forces: Crane Clan,
Crab Clan
Generals: Yasuki Heike,
Yasuki Taira
Battles of Rokugan

The Battle of Dannoura resulted in the destruction of the Crab village of Dannoura.

Preambles Edit

Two twins from the Yasuki family, grew apart in the years after the First Yasuki War. Yasuki Heike remained with the Crane and was fostered into the Daidoji, but he kept his original family name. His brother Yasuki Taira joined the Crab and was given command of the coastal village of Dannoura. [1]

Battle Edit

No one was certain what prompted the battle between brothers, but the result was the death of both along with hundreds of their men, while Dannoura burned to the ground. [1]

Aftermath Edit

After that battle start appeared heikegani, the so-called “Samurai Crab”. It was a unique species of crab, with a shell that bore a pattern resembling the face of an angry samurai. The superstitious believed these crabs were reincarnated souls from Toshigoku, the Realm of Slaughter, and it was considered unlucky to eat the plentiful heikegani from the region, for to do so was to invite the sin of familial betrayal into one's heart. [1]


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