Battle of Bloodied Honor
Fields of the Morning Sun,
Shinden Asahina
Date: month of the Horse, 1128
Major Forces:
Crane Clan,
Phoenix Clan,
Naga/Toturi's Army,
Doji Hoturi,
Shiba Tsukune,
Mirumoto Daini,
False Hoturi
Battles of Rokugan

The Battle of Bloodied Honor took place in 1128 beside Shinden Asahina, in the Fields of the Morning Sun.

Inciting Incidents Edit

During the Clan War several Crane castles had already fallen, and the few remaining Crane forces led by Daidoji Uji allied themselves to Phoenix forces led by Shiba Tsukune. They made their last stand against a shadowlands army of oni and madmen led by the False Hoturi. [1]

Doji Hoturi returned Edit

Before the battle Mirumoto Daini with a combined army of ronin and Naga appeared, and with them the real Lord Hoturi.[1]

Battle Edit

Before the Shadowlands army's first charge a Necromancer called out Hoturi, but Shiba Tsukune took the challenge with the Crane Champion's permission. The samurai-ko charged and cut down the necromancer with one stroke from her naginata, followed by a Naga charge into their ranks, with their archers fired volleys into the air.

The Maho-tsukai had raised every dead Crane bushi, adding more mampower to the shadowlands army, even against the magic opposition of Asahina Tomo. [2] A group of Sanru no Oni flied over the fight, attacking any unprotected archer. [3]

Victory Edit

Lord Hoturi led Daidoji Uji's forces against the personal guard of the False Hoturi. Their duel was mighty, but in the end Hoturi crushed the false one, removing his head from his body with one single stroke. The shadowlands army was routed, encircled and burned. [1] Hoturi and the Doji House Guard had swept past the fallen general, driving home their advantage against the Shadowlands creatures. [4]


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