Battle of Blackened Ground 
Battle At Isawa Palace
Location: Kyuden Isawa
Date: month of the Horse, 1128
Major Forces:
Phoenix Clan,
Unicorn Clan,
Isawa Tadaka,
Shiba Tsukune,
Otaku Kamoko,
Yogo Junzo
Battles of Rokugan

The Battle of the Blackened Ground, also known as the Battle at Isawa Palace, took place at Kyuden Isawa when Yogo Junzo captured the Black Scrolls held by the Phoenix and the castle was set ablaze as Shiba Ujimitsu lead the Phoenix retreat. [1]

Previous Incidents Edit

The once beatiful landscape surrounding Kyuden Isawa had been affected by the Elemental Masters' corruption after reading the Black Scrolls, and had warped into blackened wastes. The diseased ground empowered the taint further, twisting the spells of the Phoenix. [1]

Shiro Shiba had been attacked and sacked by Junzo's army the month before, at the Battle of Phoenix's Flight. Kyuden Isawa had been Junzo's real target, but Shiro Shiba had been in the way. Phoenix and Unicorn forces had retreated from the first battle into Kyuden Isawa. [2]

Battle Edit

Junzo marched on the Isawa Palace, knowing the Phoenix held two of the cursed Black Scrolls. [3]

Unicorn Allies Edit

A road warden, a young man named Hommaru, saw the advancing armies and flew like the wind to warn his masters. [4] As Hommaru rode he met with Otaku Kamoko and her army of mounted peasants. When she heard the news, it was said she smiled, and said, Now we will see what metal this shugenja is made of. [5]

Tadaka's Attacks Edit

The Phoenix samurai stood ready as Isawa Tadaka's sorcery tore at the earth, burying the marching corpses as they advanced. [6]

Forced Retreat Edit

Ruins of the Isawa Library

Ruins of the Isawa Library

Arrows fell like deadly rain but still Junzo's army advanced, and eventually Tadaka and Kamoko were forced to retreat to the west as they watched the green and black fire devour the oldest and greatest library in Rokugan. [7]

Fall of Kyuden Isawa Edit

Even Shiba Tsukune's brilliant tactics supported by the mighty power of Phoenix shugenja was not enough to preserve the great library at Isawa Palace. It was burned to the ground, and the Black Scrolls were taken by Yogo Junzo. [8]

Ruins of Isawa Castle

The Ruins of Isawa Castle

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