Battle of Bishamon's Favor
Location: Kyuden Asako
Date: Rign of Hantei XXXIII
Major Forces: Lion Clan,
Phoenix Clan
Generals: Asako Hidehira
Battles of Rokugan

The Battle of Bishamon's Favor was an unexpected victory of the Phoenix Clan over the Lion during the reign of Hantei XXXIII. [1]

Personal Duel Edit

The Lion forces laid siege to Kyuden Asako, and after three days Asako Hidehira challenged the Lion commander to a duel of yarijutsu. The Lion was badly wounded in the ensuing match, and the Lion subsequently withdrew their army. [2]

Aftermath Edit

The defeated commander was stripped of his rank and enrolled in the Deathseekers. Hidehira built the Shrine of Bishamon's Gift and placecd within the sacred housing of the shrine the broken spear he had wielded in the duel, which had belonged to his grandfather. [2]


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