Battle for the Last Tower
Location: Kaiu Wall
Date: 1159, Month of the Tiger [1]
Major Forces: Crab Clan, Unicorn Clan, Shadowlands
Generals: Hida Kuon, Kyofu
Battles of Rokugan

The Battle for the Last Tower took place in 1159. It was an attempt by the Crab Clan to take back the fifth tower of the Kaiu Kabe by Hida Kuon and the rest of his liutenants.

Preambles Edit

Several of the Kaiu Towers along the Kaiu Wall had been seized by Daigotsu. The new Crab Clan Champion Hida Kuon slowly took the towers back until only one remained. [2]

Battle Edit

Calling on the power of Lord Sun and the Fortune of Thunder, Kuon and his forces shattered the Horde's ranks and drove them back to the last tower. [2] Hida Rohiteki, Kuni Kiyoshi and the Kuni had summoned the aid of Osano-Wo. Jade rain fell from the skies, strengthening the Crab, and striking down the Horde, retreating to the Tower of Fear. Kuroda, now the Onisu Kyofu, called forth the Horde's ally; as Fu Leng continued his War in Heaven, he blacked out the skies over the Wall, and cursed the tower itself, suffusing it with raw Taint. Kuon and their liutenants stood united against Kuroda, and the onisu fled. [3]

Aftermath Edit

The Crab won the battle, but the tower was irrevocably lost to the Shadowlands. Kaiu Umasu ordered the wall to be torn from the tower and moved farther back at that section. [4]


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