Battle for the City of the Rich Frog
Location: City of the Rich Frog
Date: 1090
Major Forces: Kaeru family,
Unicorn Clan,
Generals: Unknown
Battles of Rokugan

The Battle for the City of the Rich Frog happened at the time the attention of the Empire was focused on the conflict occurring between the Fox and the Hare. [1]

Preambles Edit

The City of the Rich Frog, a ronin city, was protected only by an Imperial Magistrate. The magistrate had died and while the replacement was yet to arrive, a massive bandit force saw the opportunity to plunder the city. [1]

Battle Edit

When the bandits arrived an unarmored ronin challenged anyone of them to defeat him in single combat for control of the city. After the ronin had beaten two dozen bandits their warlord ordered his men to kill the duelist, who quickly was overwhelmed by numbers. The time the ronin had gained was enough for Unicorn forces to arrive before the bandits entered the city, and they were slain to a man. [1]


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