Battle at the Wall of Bones 
Kyofu's Last March
Location: Wall of Bones,
Date: 1169
Major Forces: Crab Clan,
Generals: Kyofu,
Kyoso no Oni
Battles of Rokugan

The Battle at the Wall of Bones was an assault on the forces of Kyoso no Oni by Kyofu and the Damned in 1169. [1] [2]

Kyofu's Request Edit

Kyofu, the former Hida Kuroda and onisu of fear, approached Crab Clan Champion Hida Kuon on behalf of Daigotsu and himself with a proposal that would benefit the Lost, the Crab Clan and the Empire as a whole. [3]

Kyoso no Oni had been threatining to usurp Daigotsu for years, leading finally to an armed conflict. Kyofu proposed that since Daigotsu was a man of some honor, he posed a lesser threat than the sinister Kyoso. Kyofu asked permission to lead the Damned into the Shadowlands in a suicide assault. Kuon was unwilling to trust an onisu with the Crab's resources until Omen proved Kyofu's honestly benevolent intentions. [3]

The March Edit

Kyofu and his men set out against the Shadowlands soon after. To prevent such a large army from surrendering to their Taint Kuon sent several tsukai-sagasu with them, including Kuni Daigo. Kyofu was also given the sword Kettei, Xing Guo's final gift to the Crab, to wield. As the men would not be returning Daigo was tasked with bringing the blade back to Kuon after the battle. [3] They marched south destroying any living or unliving thing that we encountered, following the maps provided by the Emperor Toturi III that would lead them to the City of the Lost, their main target. [1]

The Battle Edit

Kyofu's forces encountered Kyoso no Oni and her army already fighting the Lost at the Wall of Bones. Kyofu commanded to assault the oni's rear flank. Kyofu confronted Kyoso in personal combat and he wounded the Oni Lord severely before being killed himself. Once Kyoso no Oni was routed, her forces were in disarray, and the battle ended in a Crab victory. After Kyoso's retreat the Crab turned to attack the Lost but they had vanished. The Crab marched to the City of the Lost but found it abandoned, [1] not knowing that the Spider Clan now made their home in the Shinomen Mori. [4]

Aftermath Edit

The march had only three survivors, Kuni Daigo, Hida Kengo, and Hida Tsubaru. They retrieved Kettei back to the Crab Clan upon Kyofu's death. [1]

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