Battle at Prosperous Plains City
Location: Prosperous Plains City
Date: Month of the Rat of 1127
Major Forces: Lion Clan,
Generals: Matsu Gohei,
Battles of Rokugan

The Battle at Prosperous Plains City happened when Lion defended the Crane town of Prosperous Plains City against a Shadowlands army.

Entering a Crane city Edit

After the Lion forces led by the taisa Matsu Gohei had failed to take Kyuden Doji they marched north, leading the Lion rear guard. Scouts reported an undead mob attacking local heimin near Prosperous Plains City. Gohei decided to defend the enemy Crane city from the abominations, and ordered his troops into the town. [1]

Battle Edit

The number of undead was much greater than reported, and they were supported by a squad of ogre and a pair of greater oni. The battle was fierce but unwilling to retreat, Gohei made his stand. [1] A force of nezumi of the Broken Shinbone Tribe led by T'tok'chuk emerged to aid the rokugani and the Shadowlands army was destroyed. [2]

Aftermath Edit

Gohei gave food and weapons to the nezumi tribe in return for joining his forces. [1] The Broken Shinbone made Gohei his rokugani liaison. [2]


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