Battle at Osari Plains
Location: Osari Plains
Date: Month of the Dragon of 437
Major Forces: Crane Clan, Lion Clan
Generals: Akodo Tsetsu, Unknown
Battles of Rokugan

The Battle at Osari Plains was part of one of the Lion Clan's attempts to seize control of Osari Plains.

Overall Strategy Edit

In the Month of the Dragon of 437, [1] a unit of 500 men, led by Akodo Tsetsu, was to seize control of the Osari Plains and hold them until the Matsu reinforcements arrive, allowing them to surround Kosaten Shiro, which was supposed to allow an effective takeover of the Osari Plains by the Lion Clan. Acchieving this would give the Lion a fine base for further attacks againts the Crane.

Seizing the Plains Edit

Tsetsu's unit entered the Plains and crossed them without engaging any of the Daidoji forces they've been warned about. Without encountering any difficulties, his troops marched through and set camp on a clearing, within sight of Kosaten Shiro.

The Messenger Edit

Come evening, Akodo Tsetsu summoned Ikoma Yuri and handed him a letter for the Matsu family, informing them about his imminent victory. Yuri left the camp on foot and proceeded to run, eager to carry the message as fast as he can. After a while a Crane rider caught up with him. Taking him for a deserter, Yuri brandished his katana and readied himself for the upcoming charge. The rider didn't attack though. Instead, he halted his horse outside of Yuri's reach and greeted him in a peaceful manner. Ikoma Yuri taunted the Crane rider, asking him whether or not he sees the smoke rising from the direction where Kosaten Shiro lies, but the Crane remained unfazed. After confirming that he met the messenger sent by Akodo Tsetsu, he threw a jut bag containing Tsetsu's severed head at his feet, requesting that he also sends the Lion leaders greetings from the Daidoji family and tells them that it is unwise to set camp on a clearing without checking if it is clear of enemies first. Having said that, he rode off where he came from.

The Battle Edit

An estimated number of about 50 Daidoji soldiers had hidden themselves among the trees surrounding the clearing Tsetsu's forces set up camp at a few days prior to the Lion's arrival. While the Akodo unit was busy setting up camp, the Crane soldiers fired flaming arrows into the ground the Lion soldiers were on, causing the barrels of so called "gaijin pepper" to explode, tearing the earth itself and decimating those on it. Among the ensuing chaos and confusions, wiping out the remenants of Tsetsu's unit was not a problem for the Daidoji unit.

Known Casualties Edit

Sources Conflict
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The year is 437, the second year of the boar, in the reign of the Seventh Hantei, who is Hantei Yugozohime, crowned in 435. The battle is described in the year 473, a typo. Oni no Pikachu 18:07, August 30, 2015 (UTC)


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  • Way of the Crane, pp. 12-13.

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