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Battle at Nightingale Village

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Battle at Nightingale Village 
Yoroshiku kidnapped
Location: Nightingale Village
Date: 1122
Major Forces: Ronin, Magistrates
Generals: Niban, Unknown
Battles of Rokugan

In 1121 during winter court at Shiro Gisu, a castle of the Asako family, Otomo Yoroshiku, niece of Hantei XXXVIII, was kidnapped by a band of ronin led by a man named Niban. The Imperials believed Niban thought that he could marry her and become a true samurai again. She was taken to Nightingale Village, a village Niban had founded to house his bandits. [1]

Battle Edit

In response to the affront, a group of samurai who had been at the Asako's winter court rode to the village and attacked it at dawn. The village was completely destroyed, but Yorishiko was safely rescued. [2]

True kidnapper Edit

Tobuko, Niban's lieutenant, had grown weary of Niban's complacence and wished to return to a life of banditry. Tobuko kidnapped Otomo Yoroshiku and framed Niban for it which led ito his demise [3] in 1122. [4]


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