Battle at Iyosha Hill
Location: Iyosha Hills
Date: 1127
Major Forces:
Toturi's Army,
Crab Clan
Toturi the Black,
Battles of Rokugan

Battle at Iyosha Hill happened in 1127 during the Clan War.

Pursuing Hida Sukune Edit

Toturi the Black was pursuing Hida Sukune after the first Battle of Beiden Pass. Advancing on Crab lands while relying on his quickness and ferocity. A Crab cavalry force waited just out of sight and ambushed Toturi's forces in Iyosha Hills. [1] Crab took the upper hand.

Retreat Edit

Toturi made a quick retreat back to Beiden Pass to save his tired army from the fresh Crab cavalry.[2]


  1. Heavy Cavalry (Emerald flavor)
  2. Medium Cavalry (Emerald flavor)

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