Battle at Fortune's Plain
Location: Shrine of Osano-Wo
Date: 554
Major Forces: Scorpion Clan, Crab Clan, Lion Clan
Generals: Unknown
Battles of Rokugan

The Battle of Fortune's Plain was fought to obtain control of rich farmlands near the Shrine of Osano-Wo.

Initial Battle Edit

Initially the battle was being fought between the Crab and Scorpion, until they noticed a massive Lion army marching towards them. If the Crab and Scorpion continued to fight the Lion would surely beat them. The Scorpion general proposed an alliance, but when the Crab did not trust him a wager was made instead; to determine who should fight the Lion for the farmlands. [1]

The Game Edit

The Scorpion proposed that the two generals each roll a pair of dice. Whomever rolled the hightest would take the farmlands and fight the Lion, while the other would give up their claim and remove their army from the field. The Crab agreed, but demanded they use his dice. Rolling first the Crab rolled 12, and his men cheered as it was the highest roll on two dice. The Scorpion could only tie, but rolled anyway and managed to get 12. The Crab rolled, and again it came up 12. The Crab was certain the Fortunes favored him now, but the Scorpion still had his second roll. As the Scorpion threw one came up a 6, but the other dice broke in two. The Crab claimed victory, but the Scorpion pointed out that the halves of the dice came up 6 and 1, which added up to 13 in total. The Crab cursed and took his men from the field, and the Scorpion went on to defeat the lion and captured the Shrine of Osano-Wo. [2]


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