Battle at Fate Gorge
Location: Fate Gorge
Date: 1100
Major Forces: Lion Clan, Phoenix Clan
Generals: Matsu Uniri, Matsu Yunaki, Isawa Kaiyoko
Battles of Rokugan

The Battle at Fate Gorge was the result of a challenge between the Lion Clan and the Phoenix Clan to determine if shugenja were usable in the armies of Rokugan. In the end, though the shugenja were not removed from the imperial armies, the battle was nonetheless a source of much shame for the Phoenix because of their shameful tactics.

The Challenge Made Edit

The Lion general Matsu Uniri had long been an outspoken critic of the use of shugenja in armies. He made a challenge in court that shugenja were unneccessary to the armies of the Emperor. The Isawa countered that their magics were unsurpassed and that an army of bushi was no match for an army of Isawa Shugenja. The Shiba joined the argument, agreeing that an army of Isawa would certainly defeat an army of Matsu warriors.

Uniri, knowing a challenge when it was presented, drew his katana, cut his own finger, and replied merely, "Done," before leaving the court. [1]

Eight Bushi Ambush Edit

Three months later, Master of Water Isawa Kaiyoko stood ready to launch a very daring plan. Eight Shiba Bushi stood in her chambers, prepared to be transported by her magic into the command tent of Matsu Uniri with the intent of killing Uniri and Matsu Yunaki, his wife and an able commander in her own right. To the rest of Rokugan, the act would likely be seen as a cowardly assassination, but to the Isawa, it seemed an effective use of surprise tactics combined with their special magical aptitude.

The portal was created and the eight Shiba charged forward. The first was killed quickly by Uniri. The second struck Uniri in turn, a blow that was fatal, but not immediately so. With his last ounce of strength, Uniri killed that Shiba and yet another before collapsing. Yunaki proved more of a challenge than Kaiyoko had anticipated, killing four of the remaining five Shiba. The eighth was killed by young Matsu Tsuko, the ten year old daughter of Uniri and Yunaki, who crushed his throat with her boken. Tsuko was not a threat that Kaiyoko had anticipated and as a result, Yunaki was still alive to lead the armies of the Matsu the next morning. [1]

The Battle Edit

As the battle began the next morning, it was not the cry of Yunaki that spurred the Lion to fight, but that of young Tsuko. The war cry of the ten year old girl carried above the Lion troops.

"I am Matsu Tsuko, daughter of the great Daimyo Uniri, and I have slain a cowardly Phoenix with my stick and my own honor. How many Phoenix can claim this?"''

With a fierce cry, the Matsu charged into the Isawa ranks. [2]


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