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Battle Standard of the Mantis

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Battle Standard of the Mantis 
Battle Standard of the Mantis
Created by: Unknown
First used by: Unknown
Currently in the possession of: Lion Clan

The Battle Standard of the Mantis it was originally the sashimono [1] of the Mantis Clan Champion Hotaka during the Battle of the Cresting Wave. [2] Hotaka was lost during the battle, but his back-banner survived. [3]

Appearance Edit

The large sashimono was decorated with three huge green Mantis mons. The pole was made from a dark sugi wood that was only found on Tokigogachu, and the wood was replaced once a year during the New Year's Festival for which Tokigogachu was famous. The standard was only brought to bear when the Mantis were fighting in large numbers on land or when a significant portion of their fleet is expected to engage in combat, like the War of Fire and Thunder. The banner inspired all Mantis in sight of the nemuranai. [2]

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