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Battle (Perception)

Battle is the skill of those characters who study of warfare. [1] It is considered a Bugei Skill. [2]

As skilled officer and manager of troops the character can command others effectively on the field of battle, representing a general familiarity with tactics and can be used to perform any of the following actions: [3]

  • Find Advantage: to quickly read the field of battle for a momentary advantage.
  • Hunch: to sense whether or not the enemy's goals are truly what they seem to be.
  • Recognize Ambush: allows the character to recognize areas that would make effective ambush points, allowing him to either avoid an ambush or organize one on his own.
  • Find Weakness: to find some weakness in the opponent's strategy.

Emphases Edit

Battle Lore, Skirmish, Mass Combat, Specific Enemy. [4]


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