The monk Basso was the founder of the Shingon sect of Shinseism. At the tenth Great Convocation, Basso came forward with what he called the "Diamond Sutra", a text which appears to be mainly a reinterpretation of the Lotus Sutra. Basso claimed the Diamond Sutra was a "lost" teaching of Shinsei, though some believe Basso wrote it himself.[1] Basso believed and taught the the Shinsei Sutra and the Tao of Shinsei were "elementary" teachings of Shinsei's, and placed all emphasis instead on the Diamond Sutra.[2]

The leadership of the Brotherhood of Shinsei accepted Basso's followers as the Shingon sect, the first sect to be given official recognition and acceptance.[2]

Yearly Meeting Edit

Every year on the third moon during the Month of the Monkey, the entire sect met at a monastery founded by Basso. [3]


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